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Tonight we will remember


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Tonight we will remember

My brother called at around 9:30 from a state in a different time zone.  "We got him" was what he said.   The guy they got was my nephew, my brother's son.
My brother.  My brother had to hunt his oldest son down when his son jumped bail.  Bail my brother had paid and was about to lose. Around $52,000.  Bail my nephew cried for saying he would be good if he got out. He wanted to be with his baby(ies).
But the oxycoton, the pot, everything got to him first and he was out and wanted to stay out so he left. He left and tonight he was dragged  back by the sherriff's department.
My poor nephew is a good-for-nothing punk. My brother is lost in his grief, my mother, grandma, is sad sad sad.
Tonight we will remember the last time my nephew was not in jail.

Posted: May 17, 2005 

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