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I want to know you more

You are so hard for me to understand.
I just donít know how to figure you out.

Is there anyone out there who truly knows you?
Or are you to remain a mystery always?

I read about you, sing , talk, pray to you,
Still, my mind is full of questions, who are you really?

How am I to really ever get to know you?
At times you seem so far from me, yet I know it is just I who feel this.

You are always near, or are you, have a walked so far away, that you are out of my reach ?

I know not any more, confusion fills my mind, heart and soul, not a feeling I am comfortable with,

Is there change insight for me,
Or will it continue on and on?
I just know, Lord, I want to know you more,
What will it take, for that to happen?
By Tammi Pitman

Posted: May 19, 2005 ,   Modified: May 19, 2005


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