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Hey i'm bored

@ school sooo bored lol i'm going out with ethan but i know i shouldn't cause we were like holding hands and all i could think about was joel lol and me and joel are going to be like hanging out the whole time i like him so much. but any ways i play soccer and last fall i got 21 goals out of like 50 that's 2/5s of the goals me and my friend together made 41c goals out of the 50 it was sooo kool only this year we got runners-up in soccer and in basket ball (our schools been open for 3 years) team girls of course hasn't lost a game in the three years we've won our three championship games also our jazz band the first year got third last year got second and this year we got FIRST!!!!! so kool i play base ball not softball i like showing up the guys i have the most points on my team and i'm catcher and i play the whole game it's sooo kool we haven't lost a game we're 3-0 so kool our last game we had beat the team that hadn't lost since 2003 and had won 16 games and we beat them i got the last out i collided with the kid running home and he was out then we were tied 6-6 in the bottom of the 5th and i stole 2nd. he almost got me then i a grounder got hit and the shortstop played it to third and i slide and he coulda got me out but he didn't know to tag me then the catcher missed the ball and i was going to go home but i went halfway and then he over threw it to the pitcher and i went for it. it was soo kool. then the score ended up being 6-8 with us winning. taylor is my best friend i've know her for 7 years. hilary is also one of my best friends hilarys the on that i talk to for an  hour and a half about boys and junk like that. then lindsey is another best friend she's the only that i can give huggs to and have a shoulder to cry on cause at the youth convention she started crying and i was already crying and she's like "i love you becky" i'm like i love you too and then i'm like "you've changed my life so much" joel was crying to so i went over to him and i hugged him and he put hisd arm around me and i put my head on his shoulder and we just sat there. i loved it there was a christian rock group there and we were all jumping. g2g becky in his love

Posted: May 19, 2005 ,   Modified: December 16, 2006

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