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Home Attributes

I love homes so much that I order a home magazine every chance
I get some money.I get excited everytime I get to go do a home

I love to see these things in  a house:

1)Bay WIndow
2)double ovens
3)open faucet
4)overhead pot holder
5)High Ceiling
6) long curtains
7)jacuzzi tub
8) waterroom
9) spiral steps
11) Glass Shower Door
12) grab bars
13) in the floor tub
14) Round tub
15) pantry
16) two bathroom sinks
17)bulbs across the bathroom mirror
18) 2 door garage
19) Arch driveway
20) Grandfather clock
21) Steps leading to bathroom tub
22)Canopy bed
23)Big Screen tv
24) side by side doors
25) Two way stairs
26) Width in the stairs
27) long countertop
28)marble countertop
29)marble floor

Posted: May 19, 2005 


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