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Hey @ school again....

hey i'm soo bored lol i don't think i'm gonna go out with ethan anymore. I talked to joel for  like an hour i was doing my homework and joel was playing a game lol everyone is like when did you not become a slacker? and i'm like when i quit softball i got my vocab booklet done and it's due the 25th then i got my crossword puzzle done nad it was due the 26th and we just got it yesterday. yea i can't wait TONIGHTS MY YOUTH RALLY!!!!! i can't wait omg i love youth rallys and church and everything joel is gonna be there so kool yesterday he stayed home i felt bad for him. lol we're in library/study hall right now joels family site isn't letting me see it it isn't fair cause i want to see all his and joshs pictures soo kool but it says it's blocked or something and last night i got my author study done and now all i have is math and poetry folder and i don't know about science but yeah lifes pretty good right now me and hilary got into a fight last week and we decided not to be friends for awhile and it lasted about 2 days so were like bff right now lol last night i went to watch whitneys softball game they won 16 to 24 so kool whitney catched the last two innings so it's all good danielle's  sitting next to me right now i love this diary it's easy and my mom or dad can't get into it o yeah my mom and my dad are divorced . my mom  found someone i don't like him hes soo stupid but yeah i love god,joel,soccer, track,and baseball. god is first though o yeah yesterday i was up at the track praticing hurdles and this year i want to go to regionals in newyork and then if i get third or under in anything and i get to go to nationals in iddiana but i guess i'll write later g2g in his love- becky

Posted: May 20, 2005 ,   Modified: December 16, 2006

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