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Why Wait??

There are times when one receives a calling on their life and ignores the voice of God.  If you ever hear from God, regardless in what fashion, and you are sure it is a message from God, then you best heed the calling without delay.

God says He will not always strive with us when it comes to obedience of His Word.

I have known people, (and to a degree even I have glossed over the calling of God), that had a mighty calling on their life from God, and although they did not disobey the total call, they delayed action on that call for months and sometimes years.  Do you think God will honor a delay when peoplesí lives hang in the balance?  Maybe!

Some people are called of God when they are very young and some when they are very old.  Age has nothing to do with it just as ones station in life has nothing to do with a call from God.  The Apostle Paul was one of the worst enemies of Jesus prior to his Damascus Road conversion; God can use anybody or anything to His service and to bring Him honor.

When you know for sure that there is a calling on your life, and believe me you will know, seek out guidance from your Pastor and the Elders of the Church.  They stand ready to assist you in all ways.  Spend much time in prayerful supplication to God and above all, do not let anyone or anything discourage you from your goal.

Posted: May 21, 2005 

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