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SoulBaby - My Esprit
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I just don't get people

You know, I wrote a poem about people that are different and this lady thought I was making fun of speeh inpared people. But really, my point was to show people that it doesn't matter how different you are, every one has feelings and that you should consider their's too and she goes balistic and tells me that it's insulting to people with speech inparement and that I was wrong. Well, that lady doesn't know me, who I've been around or what I have seen to make this poem or even why I wrote it and she sits there and tells me that I'm wrong for writing it. That lady got me messed it if she thinks that because I write differently than most poets and sometimes us make different points in different ways makes it alright for her to just make my poem look like trash and make me look like a bad person, well she got another thang comming because no one and I mean NO ONE is supposed to say the things she said to me and get away with it. In fact, here's the poem that I wrote.

I heate wind persons make fune ov me
Me have no tawk wright
Me no ludth lyke er'y boody else
Me is dif-diffe-diffan- Me no samme lyke u
Why due you lagth at me
Me'm cry oll tha time
Be-be-be-becas me born dif-diff-diffe-not the syme
But me waunt to tell you som' timg
Som' timg me wanda said far a long tyme
You would talk the same if you had my disorder
Even thought we're not the same, I have feelings too

Posted: May 22, 2005 

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