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Living in Silence



"I can't eat fish, I'm a Pisces."

"A persons worth is not in what they have
acquired or accomplished. It's in who they
are without those things."

"There are lots of ways to screw up and give
excuses that could be legitimized due to circumstances,
but the reality is we simply don't have time left for
any excuses to make a difference."

"The older I get, the lower my
expectations become and the happier I am."

"When you walk into a room, instead of asking
the question, 'Do these people like me?'
Ask instead, 'Do I like these people?'
It makes all the difference in the world."

"Life is having to come to terms with not knowing."

"There is no graduation from the school of life,
unless it's a certificate of death."

"I believe that all artistic expression
comes first from simple observation."

"While I have the courage of my convictions,
I am a coward to criticism."

"I like my friends the way I like my alcohol:
in small but potent dosages. "

"It takes discipline to be free."

"When we let go of the garbage our hand is open
to receive the gift"

"When reporting on how the 'Universe' provides,
it is important to remember that WE are the 'universe.'
Have faith but move your feet."

"Bartering is a great opportunity to earn something you can't otherwise afford."

"I use makeup to create illusions, not to beautify.
That's an illusion of it's own."

"I love all people. I just don't
like most of them."

If you have some quotes, share them.

Posted: May 23, 2005 ,   Modified: June 19, 2005

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