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Living in Silence

     Always remember to use your words, because life
     in silences kills...............................

I lived in silence for so long that eventually it literally
ate me alive inside. It is hard to have someone hear the
words you speak, of course people listen to you, but do they
really hear and understand the words that you speak. Always
remember too, that when things get bad and there is no
where to turn to Pick up a pencil, and a pad of paper and
write. Writing for me releases so much frustration,
confusion, it fills that emptiness that dwells within.
I have written so many journals through the years, that
when I leave this place to seek and live a new life  
In the heavens above, that those journals will explain
everything from good to bad and  even the ugly. and my
friends and family will know exactly who I really was
and how I felt each day that I was alive.

Posted: May 23, 2005 


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