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Rebellion...Oh so sweet

Control Freak!


Hypocritical Me!


Control Freak!

Im slowly letting go
But you can not tell
I hide o so well
I am my own da*$ foe
When others would cry
I shrug it off
I choose to forget
Inside im screaming
"let me go, Make the pain stop"
But does it?
No of course not,
But i control
When others laugh hysterically
I smile sweetly
When some one smacks me
others fight back
I stare blankly into their eyes
I see there pain inside
Cause deep inside...
They wish, oh how they wish
they could control there anger
and pain like i do!
But they can't
they are to emotional
To scared...
To worried
"What will others think?"
"What will others wonder?"
"Will Rejection come...."
"Or exceptence..."
But i dont care
I control!

Posted: May 24, 2005 

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