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Straw Bossing

I have just finished watching some people build my patio.  Although they did not get through, I was fascinated by the way it all came together.  I never learned much about carpenter work and donít intend to at this late stage of my life.

Iím sure people get tired of me asking questions that seem mundane to them, but honestly thatís the only way I can get a grip on what is going on.  I ask questions about everything and anything, I learn a lot like that.  Now if I could only retain it in my ever slipping short-term memory I wouldnít have to ask the same thing over, and over, and over again

As we advance in years our memory seems to get shorter and shorter.  Sometimes while playing gin rummy or some other game I have a hard time remembering the last play; that will cause you to loose almost all the time.

This is not due to Alzheimer or some other disease; it is just the aging process.  Happens to some sooner than others.  My long-term or distant memory seems to be good; however, as I stated above my short-term memory is fast fading.

I have recently heard that some memory exercises may improve ones memory.  In my case I doubt that it would help.  I rely solely on my Lord to keep me alert enough to do the things thatís required for day to day living.  Beyond that I just keep trying my best to do my best and thatís the fact.

Posted: May 25, 2005 

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