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She is gone today

You were there- Dedicated to: Lillian Keenan

Happy for Eileen

Seventh Period English

Lindsay Anne Scheuering


Never alone-Dedicated to Brian Hammond


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This poem is about the relationship between step mothers and a daughter. How they always fight but then some one feels sorry and they pretend to be Not Mad... although they really are!

Words scream out
As tears fall down
You'll scream, Ill cry
Laughs crawl out
Momentary peace
eyes meet, just to jerk away
Smiles on face
Inside anger burns at a steady pace
Days will come and go
And we will be friendly foes
With peace...our poser
But when night comes
Feelings break out
I weep through this pretend
I defy my own defense
So on the outside all is well
As anger grows in its own hell

One day tensions shall rise
And shells will finally break
We'll fight this through
Till comes peace or hate

But untill then....
We are the best pretenders

Posted: May 26, 2005 

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