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Never alone-Dedicated to Brian Hammond

Dedicated to my dear friend Brian Hammond August 6, 2001

You once whispered in my ear
" For you I'll always be near"
But destiny came through
And there is no more you
At least not here on earth
But you've been here since birth
When the wind blows
i see and know
Your calling out to me
Asking me not to grieve
You walk me through my pain
You laugh at lifes childish games
You're here to catch me when i fall
And you've been with me through it all
And come the day i come to die
And i will meet you in the sky
And come the day we'll rejoice and shout
And come the day I'll never doubt
Thank you for being with me then
Thank you for staying with me my friend

Posted: May 26, 2005 

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