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Clean Your Fan Blades

The heat comes and goes. I am trying to pace myself so that I have energy all day. I do have an air conditioner for really hot days. Windows have been blocked with silver thermal panels, and they make a difference. I usually sit, or lie in front of a small fan, and write as I sip green tea. I cook supper the day before, and eat leftovers a lot.
This morning I cleaned the tops of ceiling fans. What a difference ! I took down curtains from the previous owner, and threw them away.
Since I don't like using harsh chemicals, I use a nice eco dish detergent. It is fairly expensive, but it lasts longer, and has a very mild scent. I use it for cleaning surfaces, because it wipes up easily with a damp cloth. I will never understand why the top companies can't come up with safer products. I literally cannot bear to walk down the soap aisle at the grocery store. So many things are reeking of dyes, and artificial scents, and it is so un necessary. I have several local friends who are far more sensitive to chemicals than I am. Some of them will not allow people to drive into their yards with a diesel vehicle. I don't blame them. I can't deal with fumes from cars on the highways, either. Many materials will give off fumes in the heat. The fumes contain compounds which can get into the lungs.
We have a burn ban in effect, but I hear reports of people trying to erradicate cacti from yards, and also people who burn household garbage, including plastic jugs and bags, or even foam matresses. It infuriates me to see some idiot trying to burn up roofing tiles, and tar paper.. They need to be fined. Big time. I moved out here to enjoy clean air, and clear skies, and get away from crowded conditions.
We always have the potential to attract some very bad people, because the town is small, and not a high income area. I wish I lived in a place with strict rules about pollution, and population density. It's horrible to put years into a nice home, only to have a family of eight move next door into a singlewide. It happens. And there goes the neighborhood. The 3 wheelers, the gunshots, the speeders making dust clouds, people allowing spongers to live on their land in beat up vehicles.....animals not cared for....screaming kids....luckily, most of the people here are really decent.

C May 27 2005 Stargazer

Posted: May 27, 2005 




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