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whats a family?

ill take contractions for 10-minutes

like she said

a maze ing


discover what that mastercard commerical really meat

what do i do

when blinded still beleive

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He's gotta go

Well, Tuesday Kelvin came over. He was trippin.  I hate when the male tries to dominate me. We aint in the wild. He dont give me space to breath. I mean yeah he coo people as a friend, other than that---naw.  I do want alot of the same things he does but as far as a relationship I caint give him what he needs now. He wants me to make him my primary concern and right now that caint happen. I'm tryin 3 focus on graduating, getting a job, car, apartment, and just live life one day at a time. My child hood is almost over and I'm tryin 2 end it rite.
I dont plan on callin him to tell him this. If he dont call me and get the hint en thats him.  Call me grimy if u wont. Its life.

Posted: May 27, 2005 

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