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La Ronde

When I was a young lad, and sex was a survival necessity and  not a pleasure, they used to tell us do it too much and we would go blind.

There were various other frights, which I, like most of my generation, learned to cope with and somehow lead a full and normal sex life.

Then came the liberation and sex seemed to become almost as casual as a good nigh kiss was to us.

Never really liked that.

Do believe in some respect, and tenderness, and selectivity, and faithfulness.

Such a great gift should be bestowed with meaning and affection if not always with love.

And of course you had to not burn yourself out so to speak.

Then came Viagra, and every man could be a stud apparently.

Today there is a report that Viagra may be linked with blindness.

I may be mean, but I canít resist a little chuckle, just a little chuckle, Oh Grasshopper.

Posted: May 28, 2005 

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