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i told you so

i told you so

i cant understand why im sinking so low
i dont want to love you
i dont want to need you
i just want it to be over
its like i hate that i love you
you used to want to be with me
but now you dont care anymore
you dont even try anymore
what went wrong?
you left me so confused
love really is like a game
but why do you find yourswlf the blame?
one time i convinced myself that i was over you
i even tried to convince those around me
but they knew better and  now i do too
i still care for you
honestly...i know its silly of me to want you but keep it consealed
its not that i want to let you go, i have to let you go
im just so tired of turning around evrytime and find my heart on the ground
by the time you get this messagfe its gonna be too late
your gonna miss me baby
hate to say ''i told you so''

Posted: May 29, 2005 

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