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i hardly know you


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i just cant accept the possibility we werent made for each others arms
maybe he still want me but keeps it to himself
maybe he doesnt want to hurt me but i wish he knew hes causing me more pain
or maybe hes moved on
he wanted to be free so i let him fly
what else was i supposed to do?
as i sit and think of him i wonder maybe hes thinking of me
but times i think he erased me
its like i never existed
why cant i forget about him the way he forgot about me
can you make a heart love you?
and i thought of everything ive been through
the pain...
the tears...
the sudden urges of wanting to be with him....
and i came to a stop because i couldnt....i couldnt take it anymore
you cant make a heart love you
no matter how hard you try
because ive been through it
it didnt work
then i waited for the tears that wouldnt come
im just really mad at myself
because i still have feelings for him
but maybe....
just maybe he could be mine again

Posted: May 30, 2005 

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