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letting go

letting go

it hurts me alot knowing i can never
be with you
does it hurt you as much as it hurts me?

the 1 person that you want more thatn anything in the whole world is the 1 person you can never have
but why?
why does it hurt so much?
why does the pain get worse?
i have alot of anger in me
so called friends dont even notice
i think im in love with you
but does the love come from the mind
or the heart?
how are you ever to know?
you said lets just be friends
but friends is such a lonely word
now our love only exists  in our  memories
even our friendship is gone....but a new one anbe born
i might not have the perfect smile or a nice soft voice but i have a heart
and you know whats bad about having a heart?
it gets broken by people like you
ther are nights i stay up and wish
i never met you
so i can sleep not knowing there is someone  like you out there
i keep trying to hold on to you
but i guess its pointless to hold onto
something ill never grasp
i have to try to let you go
no matter how hard it is
but one thing ill never forget is the way you changed my world
baby,you gave me wings to fly

Posted: May 30, 2005 

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