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You were my gift to make me happy
so i thought but now i see your not sent to me to make me happy but sent to me to break my heart
how can god send me the most wonderful gift in the world and take it away like it wasnt mine to keep
i want to noe wat went wrong
is it cuz you dont love me no-more?
is it cuz she calls you more then i do?
is it cuz you think shes more prettier?
is it cuz she looks more dsperate?
i never thought youd leave me hanging
i never thought ud choose her
i never thought she would do this
i never thought you with another girl
will hurt me but it did
everything happened like it was a nightmare. a nightmare that you enjoyed
the late night sweet talks
the sweet kisses at the dark
hearing all this kills me
i thought all my feelings were gone
but everytime i hear your name all my feelings come rushing back to me
i wish you wanted me
i wish you thought i was prettier
i wish i was her
but its just a wish

Posted: May 30, 2005 

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