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all over again

all over again

i like being with you
but when i see you with another girl
it just hurts me so much
why do you do this?
do you enjoy it?
do you like seeing me torn,
and useless?
but then again
you come to me
hold me
and kiss me
and like a retard i fall for you all over again

evrymorning i wake
up and think of ways to look better than any other girl youve been with

but i try so hard to impress you
that im not happy with who i am anymore
do you even notice?
do you generally notice me ?
or you just notice me wen you with out your friend?
all the things you tell me can i beleive you
all the things i tell you can i trust you
all the things we have been through
does it mean anything?
there is so much thats holding me back
but then again
you come to me
hold me
and kiss me
and like a retard i falL for you all over again

Posted: May 30, 2005 ,   Modified: June 13, 2005

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