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Today is Memorial Day. We're not doing much as I think we're still trying to recover from our vacation. I've got to get to the grocery store and stock back up on groceries. School is out now, and I'm not sure what we'll be doing this summer. Josh wants to go to summer camp... I have yet to send his application off. I've got to get on that tomorrow. After I pick up his report card. Well... this is my first official "blog" (yeah, go me). I guess it's ok... basically an online journal.
I've really got to stop watching Notorious on A&E. Last night I woke up and one of the neighbors house alarm was going off. I freaked out. I grabbed the phone to call the police, but it went off. I watched out of the window, but didn't see anything. I went back to bed, and laid there praying everyone was ok... I got up and checked all of our doors and windows. I laid back down and couldn't sleep thinking someone was going to break in and kill us. I got back up and the police were outside the house. They were looking around. I guess someone else called. I haven't heard anything..so I'm assuming nothing happened. Well, I've gotta run. Will write more later.

Posted: May 30, 2005 

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