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College for Me

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College Tour

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College Tour

I was in high school and I did a college tour. I had to write
12 pages of something for it. Sunday was the day we left
for the trip. I was unprepared. I needed a pillow and
blanket for the bus ride. At first, I thought that
we would be riding by plane. But it was the longest bus
ride ever. Finally, we get there. It was a whole bunch
of girls packed in one room. Soon, we went for lunch.
I had eggs and pancakes with orange juice. We toured
colleges like Clark Alanta University and SPelman College.
We had lunch at one of the colleges
 and the food was good.I also got to see Underground Atlanta
which had so many stores you could go in a daze for. I bought
some coca-cola shorts and a short sleeve top to match. I also
bought a bird-like clock necklace. It was beautiful and
different. I have never seen anything like it until that
day. I could have bought so much stuff there because there
was alot.I had so much freedom. I felt like I was going
through a journey of time. The time seemed different. It
seemed like the day lasted alot longer and I just felt
like it was a big opportunity. I felt like I could do
anything I wanted right then and there and like there
was just so much to do. I even went to see how journalists
work and how they use teleprompters and stuff like that.
I went to see a video of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.
Also, I bought me this  big book and boy was it expensive
but I definitely had to have it. I called my mother and
what was going on. I had a whole lot of fun.

Posted: May 31, 2005 

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