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Xmas lights opinion

I just wonder why some people put up just one string of lights.
It takes more than that to show Xmas style. Also, I don't
like the mixed string of lights blue, yellow, red bulbs (All
different colors) on one line. It looks tacky and kiddyish.
If there was just a single string of all green bulbs and
separate single string of all red that would possibly
have a better look depending on the designer though. I would
love the chance to do my own Christmas lights and help others
too. I wonder do they even have competitions that pay people
for the best xmas light designs.That'd be great. My preference
of colors would be a collaboration of a single string of blue
and a single string of green. Green and blue make the best
impression on me for nighttime. THey were made for night.It
seems like when I see those single string of separate colors
then I feel like I'm in another world.

Posted: May 31, 2005 

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