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Wednesday, June 1st

Josh's team won their game last night. Yeahhhhh. Starting tomorrow they have 6 games in a row. I sent his application for summer camp off yesterday. I wonder if he'll call again this year wanting to come home because he cant sleep. Craziness!

I'm jumping back into the swing of things. Mike goes back to work tonight. I sure will be glad to have the bed to myself! I had gotten used to sleeping alone, and the entire time he was off work, its been an adjustment. Oscar will be glad to have his side of the bed back, too. Mike said night before last he woke up about 3am to find Oscar perched on my back and staring him down. I laughed so hard! I don't remember that, of course, but I told him I knew why he was staring him down like that. He was mad because Mike was there and taking his side of the bed!!! I think maybe I spoil my cat too much!! Oh well!

I got an email from my dad's sister yesterday. I'm kind of sad because our conversations just are not like they used to be before she asked me if I were "using her to get to my dad". I told her I wasn't, and that it hurt my feelings that she would think that. I was not ugly when I said that...but then again, its hard to convey that through emails. I guess maybe next time I should just keep my feelings to myself. I'm not going to do that. I should be able to express what and how I feel about something.  I expect nothing less from those around me. I had been talking with him long before I'd gotten in touch with her.

Well, I've got to get busy...lots to do!

Posted: June 1, 2005 

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