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Life is better when you look up to your friends


It has once again been awhile.  I tend to only write here when I am inspired.  It is almost time to go home.  I have so many different feelings on the subject.  It is like going to college for the first time.  All of these unknowns about the people around you, will you have fun, will you be bored and sad, what will happen in that 3 month time span of living with your parents.  There is so much to do. I like to pack things, but I never can find a good time to do it.  Will I need this item that I am putting in a box tomorrow?  Oh, I do not deal well with the unknown.  
Do you ever have that feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you want to go somewhere far away?  Or that feeling of this is that moment in you life that you will look back on 10, 20 years from know.  The beauty of the sunset, the smell of the air in your room, the sounds and in like an instant you are not who you were before.  It has taken me a year but I finally feel different.  I think it is summer.  Summer does funny things to a girls head.
Anyway, my friend meg is the coolest girl that I know.  Now do not get me wrong friends I know alot of cool people. But, I admire megan so much, I wish I could be like her.  She always seems to be doing the chicest and coolest thing.  Sure, life has thrown her this curve ball but she has handled it so well.  Or at least I think that she is, considering I only get to talk to here by way of IM and the last time I saw here was in February.    Anyway,  I think she is totally cool.  W oW! ok, well I was going to write some more but I am getting this anxiety attack so, the next time I write to you all it will probably be when I am back home.  be good everyone.

Posted: June 5, 2005 

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