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Home again


Well the school years is finally over.  It all ended on a hot humid day sometime in the afternoon.  I hope that everything went allright with my exams.  I really studied hard.  It is weird being some place so familiar but so different.  I am so use to doing what I want when I want and now I have to ask permission to go on the internet.  So, I probably will not have as many up dates.  
I got on the scale tonight and boy was I surprised.  I thought that it would not happen to me i thought that I would be the exception to the rule.  No, I am not I gained the dreded freshman 15.  At least I am lucky enough to have a bodey shape that does not show weight gain ( in small numbers).  I will be working my ass off to drop these pounds you all wait and see.
So, I hope that this summer is one of productive work and adventure.  I have so many things to do that I know that excietment is around the corner.  I hope that all my friends have awsome and excieting summers.  It will be september before we all know it.  I wish I had some interesting rant today.  Maybe something rantable will come up later till then, enjoy the sunshine or the rain where ever you are.

Posted: June 9, 2005 

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