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I dont know

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Tonight we will remember


What is "Real"?

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What is "Real"?

What is Real? Is it real because we feel it, beacause we can touch a thing?  We can't touch music being played on the radio, does that make it less real than a rock we are holding in our hands?  What about all the other rocks on the earth?  There are surely stones all over the planet we share.
Just as there is a stone, a 'real' stone by the side of the road that leads to my house, there must also be a similar stone by the side of the road that leads to a house in Great Britian, in Montreal, in Argentina and Nigeria. Just because this stone is the only one I see the others are no less real. Or are they?
We can pick up any pair of glasses off the table to examine this question. THe philosphers glasses, the christian glasses, the drug addict, the CEO.  Shouldn't they all agree?  What is real is real right?
What about yesterday. We can't touch yesterday, yet surely we can feel it. WE can look at images giving us proof of yesterday. But is it real?  Is the town I grew up in real?  The people that I loved, the friends I learned how to drink and sing with?  If I don't repeat the stories, if I have no one in my life today to confirm the night we got the hotel room with Spar and Michelle does that make it not real?  
No one today would want to hear the story again, about running off to Long Island. About Erica - even my shame can be made unreal without anyone to point to it and say, "but this happened!"
I am existing somewhere. Here, then, now - somewhere and I am always trying to do the same thing.  Give a good time and get one.
Being is loving and feeling is pain.
I don't believe that any one is as awake as I am tonight


Posted: June 10, 2005 

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