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Why the Wind

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Why the Wind

As I play in the field and watch the clouds roll by,
I canít help but stop and wonder, why.

Why does the wind come and go so fast?
Why is its wonder so widely cast?

Why does it cause life to bow at its force?
Why is it timid at times and others coarse?

Why does it never blow up or down?
Why does it make such a peaceful sound?

Why does it carry clouds in its arms?
Why does it blow ships to and from harm?

Why do I wonder, why do I inquire?
Maybe I should stop cause my neck is getting tired.

I like to ask myself such questions, just to pass the time.
What answers can you come up with, for my little rhyme?

The End

Scarlet OíRourke


Posted: June 13, 2005 

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