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I went to the Strawberry Festival. It's
amazing how they blocked the road at the
street light for this special event. I wonder
measures one must go through to do
this. That makes me think of movies.
Like, how is it that they can drive cars and
the other people don't make them miss
their spot by having another car block the area? They
played the greatest songs like In Da Club by 50 Cent
and some others. The kids there were
adorable.They really have good music taste.
They reserve it every year for people.
Yesterday I got on the rides accompanying my nephew. I had to chase him around. It was awesome because they
had this giant dessert. I thought it was
going to be a little under half it's size but
it was bigger. It was $8.00 and I was thinking
why did they have to make it so big? It
looked like a weaved basket type of
dessert and it had sugar sprinklings and
this apple pie filling in the middle. What did I
just eat? I don't know.He went on the slide and
the rotation ride, I call it. I call it rotation ride
because it goes up and down and back and forth.
I saw this girl sing songs by Whitney Houston and
Jojo. She likes soulful songs. I didn't know
how they got the music to play without the other
singer playing. That's a mystery

Posted: June 21, 2005 ,   Modified: June 21, 2005

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