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College struggle

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I'm writing about my college experiences. First, I went
to one college. It was recommended by someone
who represented the college at a college seminar in
high school.Well, I went there and I lost my keys. I had to have 3 keys though. There was one to get in the building, one to get in my room, and one to get in my mailbox.
I lost all three keys and my id. They were all on a
strap. SO basically I had to run in the building when
people were coming in. Pretty tiresome. I looked
all around my room for my keys and they were
nowhere to be found. THen, I told some people
and no one was available to help me. I left.
Then I did some searching online for a college.
I went to that particular college, not a real
good school , but it's somewhere to go. I had to
go on this ridiculous farm trip. We had to go
camping. It was for a class and I wanted to pass
and end up getting an A. I got a 3.83 gpa as
well. Anyways the camping was horrendous.
Even if some people like camping, there is a chance
that they might agree that if you go camping it should
be for fun, not forced. That was one of my biggest
challenges. I thought I was going to be sick thinking
about the camping trip on a farm. I would never
want to live the lifestyle. It's even scary to know
that a farm like that exists in the U.S. I was
so glad to leave. Now, I'm exhausted from just
being at this certain college. I finished one semester of
college there and now I would jump hurdles to
have the opportunity to leave. I will be a freshman
transfer. I plan to attend another college
next. It's 30 minutes away. I read on their website that they have 20 different eating facilities. That must be amazing. I never heard of any college having that.

Posted: June 21, 2005 

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