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Journey Through Music

Video provided by VideoCodes4U

It's just so amazing how people go to the studio and find a creative way to make a song. We have this group
called Ying Yang Twins and they made a song out of a
whisper. I didn't know a whisper could be a song. Then
there are the chipmunk songs. There is a chipmunk
song by Terror Squad called Take me Home and another
chipmunk song by Twista called Overnight Celebrity and then the violin comes in. Twista does his rap and it's all good.Then there's a song with a bird call called Goodies
by Ciara. Music allows people to investigate sound. Just
think that you can be hearing some sound while you're
out and about that might be on the next cd. It's also
amazing how a person can use the notes Ecd, then g and hit the pedal on the piano to make the clock tower bells.
I've been playing clock tower bells, Chant of The Monk,
Beethoven, and some other stuff. I have to settle for
a keyboard since I don't have a piano.What I want To
learn how to do is play by ear and come up with chords
to my song. I like to study music patterns too. Like
some songs have contraction's like we'll.They ask
questions in songs and they shorten words like
sittin'.Some people even repeat the same phrase and
change only one word in that phrase. It's so many things
I've noticed about music. I'll enjoy finding out more.

Posted: June 21, 2005 

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