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I'm Not Popular

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I'm Not Popular

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I know how important some people make it
to be popular. I think in the end that if you
just accept that you don't fit in you are
staying true to yourself. People always
say I want to do it because everyone
else does it. If you try to fit in with
everyone else to be popular you start
to lose your identity or give in to crap.
Anyways popularity can be achieve by
very bad terms such as smoking and
drinking and doing immoral things so
people will think you are cool. Cool to
me is being yourself. Who needs any
other type of cool? They say the good
girl never wins but she has something
going for her. After all, she is a good
girl. I'm not popular because I won't
do anything and everything for people
to like me. I am my own person. I'm
a leader. I've been through high school
and stayed true to myself and I will
never flee. I learned of my identity
early and that's why I stick to passionately

Posted: June 21, 2005 ,   Modified: June 21, 2005

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