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Keys Of Doug

This is a true story from Sarah, a first cousin on my Mom's side of the family. It is her son who passed in tragedy.

Keys Of Doug
  My son has recently passed away and I know that Doug is always around me. Particular occurrences have taken place, such as his bedroom lamp turning on. There are other ways I've recognize his presence especially with a collection of old skeleton keys given to him by his Great Uncle Cecil. The keys actually fit an old castle in Scotland that belonged to his uncle Cecil but before his uncle passed the old Scotsman presented them to Doug as a special gift. Doug was overly fond of the antique keys. The antique iron keys were strikingly larger than most types of today and Doug would walk around in our Georgia home rattling and sometimes clanging them as he toted the infamous keys from room to room. After a few years went by there was a tragic accident and Doug (the key bearer)passed over too. Those skeletal keys are a fond memory of my son and Iíll sometimes find one of the keys loose from its holder, just lying on the floor. At times when I am thinking about him, I feel a breeze and smell a scent.

Right after Doug had passed, Buddy took me away to St. George Island, I was totally lost without my Doug. We were sitting at the kitchen table and someone was massaging my shoulders, just the way that Doug would do when I was stressed and I know that it was him and him alone, it couldn't have been anyone else.

Another strange thing, right before Christmas after Doug had died, I was in Wall-mart and looking for an angel to put on his grave. I had ceased shopping and was standing still in the isle and I had nothing in my buggy. I had fallen into a very deep thought, thinking of him, Doug. A sweet black elderly lady patted my shoulders and said, "Child you are so far away, smile it is almost Christmas, Christ's Birthday.

I felt much better after her appearance and by the comforting words she offered. The mysterious woman came as such a relief along with  creating a pinch of seasonal happiness. Not many would be able to resist that pleasantry.
I've seen the same female person twice since that day, while experiencing similar situations of an outer body aloofness. I'm not sure who she is, but I am extremely grateful and always happy to see her.

Posted: June 26, 2005 ,   Modified: June 28, 2005


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