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Being There
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The Story of Shelly


Shelly and her baby.
Shelly tried to drown her baby.
And they took the baby away.

To Montana.

With some cousins.

And Shelly was in the madhouse
Until she was deemed,
"Able to return to society."

And the baby, with the
Same red hair
Is still in Montana.

But Paul loves Shelly.
Even though he,
Knows everything.

And Paul's dad
Will let her move in
And live with them.


What is Paul's dad searching for?
What are they all headed too?

Stay tuned for
Scenes from next weeks show.

When Paul's dad cries.

And the dog goes berserk.

And has to go to the madhouse.

While her puppies,
With the same black spots,

Are sold to people
In Wyoming.

Posted: July 20, 2005 

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