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Men Are Deceivers Ever

Thursday, January 15 2004 @ 03:13

I was going over my files for the last 12 years since I was 32. I wanted to write about men in my life.

I remember I have in my scrapbook a line from Shakespeare, Men are deceivers ever; but I could not find it.

I worked with Philippine Life from 1996 to 1999. I really had close associations with men especially military men. I've seen their unfaithfulness. They're so clever with women that they seemed to them a plaything. They have a motto: "In every port, report" which me and my friends used to counter with "In every place, replace!".

I have gone as far as the last town in Cagayan Valley, Sta. Ana. I have slept in military foxholes in Gonzaga, Cagayan. I have lived in Barangay Militar in Palayan City, Nueva Ecija near Fort Magsaysay for one week and in Cabanatuan City. In Negros Occidental, I've walked many miles everyday just to reach military camps, slept in tents and foxholes too.

It was an experience. I've dined and drank and played tong its with these men, military men. And the more that I knew them well, the more that I saw how weak men are. Behind that muscular strength are their frailties. The more afraid they are, the more women they gather to hide their fears.

I also had the opportunity to mingle with men on board passenger ships to Manila. For almost a year, I have traveled to and from Manila for some personal business. There, I saw men in white uniforms who looked so respectable and yet I saw them lured naive women and even girls to their cabins and destroyed some of them. Here I happened to meet a ship doctor who at some point have been bothered by his conscience. I witnessed how he broke down on his knees in front of a faith healer in order that his sickness might be cured. He suspected himself to have AIDS. I was the friend whom he asked to take him to a faith healer. He had no AIDS. He had a nervous breakdown because he was so "gahaman" of sex on board the ship he was working.

But why do I think that men as deceivers? Every man I met lied. But I would run out of money to pay the net cafe if I tell you about their lies and how they did it. Each of them had different stories to tell, how deceitful they were. And if I tell you too how many men I have quarreled with, then you might say I'm an amazona. But I'm not. Neither am I a man hater. I love men. They made me dream of them sometimes. Sad to say that in my 12 years of search, I haven't have anyone of them. Pity me? I'm happy anyway. "Ang dali ko naman kasi silang nabisto!" I have even gone at some point of praying that "Lord, bakit naman nabisto ko ' yon kaagad-agad? Sana hinayaan mo namang natuloy muna kami...Hehehe!

But well, I want to tell these to men. Please be responsible. Do not think of us women as your plaything. Like you we can be hurt. Like you, we need somebody true to us who will need us and where we can belong. Like you, we like sex. We also like to build a relationship with you based on love and respect, if you want us; if not, don't fool us. Because the more you deceive us, the more you deceive yourself

Maria Gina Nismal Mandin--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Posted: July 29, 2005 

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