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Drunken Results- A report on a chapter of the book "Ivanhoe"

This was a REALLY fun report to write! it was about a scene from the book "Ivanhoe", Needless to say my teacher was not thrilled with my title but it was actually very fitting. ~Scarlet                        

Drunken Results

          King Richard and Friar Tuck, different yet the same. The common interests of these two men played a large part in freeing their friends and countrymen from the tyrannical reign of men like Prince John and Brian de Bois-Guilbert. “Grog” otherwise known as beer, was their first common bond. This strong indulgence of the day proved to be the false courage needed to start a critical friendship between the Saxon people and their Norman king.

          After saving Ivanhoe at the tournament, King Richard, who had hidden his identity, rode off into the woods. As the rain fell rapidly onto his brow, the king sought out shelter for the night.  He happened upon the hermitage of Friar Tuck. The “good” monk (being guilty of breaking his oaths and law of the land) was apprehensive about allowing Richard an entrance. However the friar gave in at the threat of loosing his humble home’s door.

          Both Richard and Friar Tuck where men of pleasure and they gladly gave into the calls of the beastly brew. As a result, story and song followed their gluttony and a friendship began. Locksley now entered this mixed up visit and brought some sobering light to the situation. While in their drunken state, Friar Tuck and Richard readied themselves for battle.

          Sobered and ready to fight, Richard the Lion-hearted and Tuck who had replaced his sackcloth robes for Lincoln greens and tights, went off to battle along side their fellow countrymen. They fought hard and the victory was gained. Richard took his place as King of England.

          Richard and Friar Tuck’s encounter made it possible for the battle to be won. The results of a common love for “grog” delayed Richard’s stay so that he could lead his people in a just and right cause. The king’s subjects where now given a reason to believe and trust in him.  

Scarlet O’Rourke


Posted: July 31, 2005 

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