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Dear God,
I know you are weary and tired, you're suffering never end on that day you died in Calvary. You suffered more. Yes I know, ever for me alone You suffered so much. So many times You caught me in your arms when I fall, yet I resented them. My heart was stubborn and I am always. When tears were in my eyes, I kept coming back to you. You never refused me. But it's always me who'd loved to go astray, to go away everytime.

I know how it feels. When I teach my children and they don't follow me, my heart seem to crush. But how many broken hearts have I brought You? When I love somebody and he never seem to care, how painful is the agony of losing, of not winning a desired love. But How much pain did I give you everytime you take me and I refuse it. I am so stubborn indeed!  

Posted: August 1, 2005 

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