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Awe struck

In this era of forgiveness
Try to curb feelings
Felt under skies of a creator's touch
Roam lands full of  splendor
Touching hearts everytime
Wonder to know
Peace love
That seems to have been destroyed.
Oblivion seems to be only place
Where vultures fly
Eternal reside
Looking at the world
Lost in it's domain
Like the wondering Sandhu
Who calls pleasure a freedom song
Agreeing to follow footsteps
Prophets dared
Kill innocent animals for hunger
Who too sacrificed
Best of their generation
Pleasing another ego
Which too sets rules
In names of divinity..
Seek a kingdom of peace
Morning birds bring messages
From faraway lands
And I can recite poems from last night
Lonely people understand
Preach words
Only bats hear
When they suck human blood
Die during daytime
Spreading wisdom of their kind...
Dreams of unforgiven brothers, sisters
Set free to bomb others
Sadden this heart
Heroes too face a cost
Rule devide
Throughout centuries past
Present illude uncertainties
Shaken up my mortars
They shell everyday
Over huts of the weak
Saddening angry eyes
Making some deaf dumb
Numb to see another devil
In the name of freedom...
Forgive thinkers artists lovers sinners
Universe has a cost
Some are prone to exploitation
Others take for granted..
World is so cruel I believe
Kindness just a myth
Bright lights a reminder
Check signs around
Whether to live
Die at a final hour
Just before the early dawn
Success lies on false grounds
Efforts light as a breeze
Taking away memories
Higher than the furthest sky
Where peace rests
Welcoming friendy humans
Who want escape
From corridoors of their own world
Heartbroken, relieved

Posted: August 14, 2005 

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