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Positively Vainglorious
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Summer Passing

Already the dampness of September makes me sad.  I hate to see the summer go.  I love the sun on my skin and running into the lake, the cold water shocking and delightful.  And the ocean was such a treat this year with warmer temperatures and fabulous surf.  We went out on our boogie boards and played like teenagers.  

Now all there is to look forward to is the long dark winter.  Should I follow the sun?  Ah but I canít can I.  I have to work and pay bills and do all those responsible things.  

Now we talk about snow tires and stacking wood.  We watch the last blossoms fade in the garden and the lawn chairs look lonely sitting out there all by themselves.  I canít remember where I stored the Christmas decorations, nor do I care.  I donít like Christmas much anymore.  Iíd rather think in terms of the ancient religion and how the pagans saw god in the seasons and in nature.  

Posted: September 18, 2005 

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