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Being There
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Matty # 1

I met Matty while I was still in Catholic School. There was a party of some kind at his house while his parents were away in Atlantic City. I was brought there by mutual friends and I have no memory of the party.
The next night, I was looking for a cigarette, which I usually would steal from my brother or father.  Coming up empty I remembered that Matty was smoking and he did not live far. I walked up to his house and we was eating frozen peas or frozen corn in front of Star Trek. I loved him right away. He let me in and I sat down and watched t.v. with him.  I refused the starches but we both smoked his mothers NOW brand cigarettes. They were awful, but we had a fun time.
This was the first night of many.
We would not even have been able to imagine the adventures to come. The drugs, the girls, the gun, the fights. It was all coming up though. Even faster than we knew.

Posted: October 9, 2005 

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