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Charity Or Guilt ?

The weather in the Mohave is beautiful at the moment, and I am dragging out my "Winter Survival Mode" mindset. I opened an antique steamer trunk, and removed blankets to air out. I noticed two blankets that did not meet my standards. I aired them in the sun, and discovered shiny fibers, so I am donating them to the second hand store.
Many acrylics, and synthetics break down over time, and I really ought to be tossing them into the landfill...why would I "wish" a bad blanket on anyone ?? Granted, they provide heat, and some insulation, but am I really being charitable, or just worried about wasting something ?? I believe that people who had a hard time in life always told us "Waste not want not."  

Victims in the earthquake would love the blankets..acrylic or not. What a silly thing for me to fixate on whether I should trash or give away two blankets...I have a roof over my head, and imported cinnamon for my fresh ground coffee. Many people have nothing. Real charity would be cooking them a meal, and (hopefully) watching them eat it and say that they "love the flavor, and appreciate my help"

I would tell them to help someone else when they can, and direct them to a food bank. Life in the cold cruel world can be so frightening.
I think about the billions of $ wasted on the war. Iraq is the birthplace of agriculture, and here we are forcing our way of life on them.

Last night, as the oval moonlight shone upon my face, I drifted back to my childhood in Washington DC (I lived in the area) I can remember going into a few really beautiful Department stores, and seeing Magicians entertaining children in the toy department. There were some pretty good cookies, too. And I remember men and women at church feeding the hungry. I love people who are truly kind and giving. They bring back that "old feeling" that I don't find often nowadays, but hopefully this Holiday season will show people of the world awakening to a brighter future. What do I want for Christmas ? A new US leadership, and the sooner, the better. I don't care what Outfit the current Regime puts on...they can dance in red velvet, and Jingle bell Propaganda, but they are still "predators, and reptiles." Thank you for coming by. Please help yourself to the buffet ! No charge, and may the Great Spirit be your best friend.

C October 21 2005 Stargazer

Posted: October 21, 2005 ,   Modified: October 21, 2005




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