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the abyss
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Pumpkin Carving

today is a fun day at school. my school has block schedule, so we only have 4 classes a day. we have those same classes until Christmas break, and when we come back, we have 4 new classes. anywayz, as i was saying, today is a fun day at school. first of all, it'z a Friday. i have duel enrollment classes for 1st and 4th block, and they don't meet on Fridays. thus, today, i only have 2 classes. (i have to be here all day, though, cause i ride the bus >_<)my 2nd block class is art and today we're carving pumpkins. ^V^ fun, fun fun!! then i have lunch (at 10:30 a.m. -o-), and then Economics, which is REALLY easy... ^O^ for 1st and 4th block, i stay in one of my teacher'z roomz. she'z my 4th block teacher, and my Directed Studies (we have Directed Studies on Tuesdayz-Thursdayz) teacher as well. i help her out in her room, but spend most of my time online.. XD and considering that the classez are 1 1/2 hrz long, i spend abt 3 hrz online at school.. but that'z only of Fridayz. i don't have a 4th block on Tuesdayz or Thursdayz either, so at least i get that time online.. except that i sometimes spend that time making FBLA flyerz for my teacher... ^-^U oie.. ummm... yeah. that'z abt it. ja ne minna!!

Posted: October 28, 2005 


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