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Recently our leaders, I hesitate to used the word government so let leaders suffice, have announced among other things they are to take action

                    against drinking on public transport

                    banning or severely restricting smoking in public

                    action against parents of truanting children

all this in addition to the all encompassing ASBO.

Ah T Rex, extinction looks more and more attractive these days.

I am a child of the late WWII years; saw the start of a caring sharing society, by no means perfect but a start to give us hope.

I saw society stagger and fall and regroup but always onwards and generally improving until the advent of the Iron Lady of British politics.

I looked on in amazement and stupefaction as our society was torn down and remodelled in the Loadsa Money, Eleventh Commandment Mode. (for the few who do not know Thou shalt not get caught).

I saw institutions, previously starved of cash, cynically sold off to the highest bidder by the Lady who was not for turning, and more latterly by our own Dear Leader Tonee.

I saw unemployed children thrown out on to the streets by parents who could not afford to keep them on the Benefits paid, as the state refused any responsibility for them if they lived in the parental home.

The whole has resulted in the destruction of virtual any caring aspect in our modern society when you are at the bottom and struggling compassion is an expensive fruit.

If you are at the top, who cares.

So Dear Leaders, you can pass as many laws as you like, criminalise hordes more of the population, legislate to kingdom come, but until you tackle the reconstruction of the caring compassionate society we used to have I fear you are passing water against the wind.

At the bottom of our society the perception is the only pleasures left are being taken away by Nanny State, Drink and Cigarettes.

You destroyed many many positive aspects of our society and replacedthem with a society of self aggrandisement, rather than building something of value.

You sure as heck aint gonna progress much when there is no fellow love in our society.

I suppose I have just expressed the views of the Human Dinosaur, Grasshopper, but heaven help the generations to come as the result of past actions.


Posted: October 31, 2005 

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