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U.S.of God

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What's Up With These Sick Individuals?!?

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U.S.of God

America was founded and created on Christian values and God. It only makes since that America would be a religious country and have the ten commandments hanging, and prayer would be in schools, etc., and if you didn't like it, turn your head. But, nooo! A bunch of whiny people decided they did not care about America's history and lost their common sense and wanted things there way or no way and now we can't pray in school and we see less about God because our government did not have enough backbone to say, "Get over yourself."  It wasn't enough to have the freedom to choose your own religion and teach it to your kids? Hello... Look on the back of your money..."In God We Trust" Uh Oh... Probably gave them something else to gripe about and whine about. Bye Bye freedom, hello democracy!


Posted: November 7, 2005 

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