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Morning now, The Christmas music is ringing in them jolly filled heads, the shades just been unveiled and my babies are in bed. The 1st day of December, my hands smell like a fish, I'm the fisher man. You see I cant help but touch with my hands, I need to get involved with my food, make love to it, there needs to be that artisan flow to the ins and outs. I'm at my new company gig, just trying to pick up the benefits for Iza, and so I could get myself the occasional check up too. When your head starts a shifting, and a finger points your eyes through, its just best to get looked at, but than comes the needles, and you cant go in to a doctors office without them shoving one sort or the other down your neck. I just walk in, and I can smell them, the alcoholic stench, and the politeness of the nurses, and I drink as much water as I can and all, but somehow I wind up on the floor a good fifty percent of the time. Thats OK, it sucks, but its OK, its important to get yourself checked out, cause your insides don't always communicate with your outsides.

Posted: December 1, 2005 

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