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Well, this is my first blog. I'm very excited to not only have a poetry website but also a blog site. My poetry site name is in the "About Author" page if you are interested. I had such an eventful day today!
I was in the Christmas parade today. I was representing Darlington Bridal and Formal, the best dress shop for miles and miles! I got to wear a BEAUTIFUL wedding dress and white fur coat, and ride in an awesome 1963 cadilac! It was so great! But it was FREEZING! I swear I got to the point where I no longer cared because I was numb to the cold. But it was fun because I got my picture taken and I went out to eat with Sharalyn, Derick, and Herby afterwards.
Then I came home and had to clean so we can put up our Christmas tree and we didn't even get it out! So that was worthless! But oh well.
And I was going to watch my french movie, Happenstance, but my dad was all like "Too bad, we're watching this movie... blah blah blah." So that sucks. But I'll watch it later.
I got to talk to Zech earlier too. He's my lover, my friend, my gift from God. I swear I'll marry that boy.
I can't wait to turn 18! Just 13 days left! Then I'm gonna go get my tattoo and have a little bit of fun at a dance club! YAY!
Well, I guess that's all for now. Please stop by again soon to see some updates on my life!

Posted: December 3, 2005 

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