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Christmas is coming...

I just realized how fast the time goes! There was so much I needed to do this weekend but just couldn't find the time to get it done. French homework, applications to college and for scholarships, deadlines, due dates... it's wearing me out. And my family is stressing me out... Trying to get me to spend more time with them and all of that. I decorated the house today. It looks better than it ever has and I didn't even get a thank you... Just "You're taking that all down when Christmas is over!". Oh well. I guess it looks pretty anyway. So I didn't get my homework done because I left my book at school and I didn't make the sign for my club and I haven't read the book I was supposed to read for our test tomorrow and I think I'm just screwed any way I look at it. But one good thing happened today! I get to see Zech on Saturday! We only see each other about once a month because this is a long distance thing but we've made it work for almost five months now. So I'm really excited about our plans! Anyway, I should go check out some cliffsnotes! Need to get a passing grade on my test tomorrow! Later!

Posted: December 4, 2005 

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