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Positively Vainglorious
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Anxiety creeps up my spine, a familiar foe. I feel the emptiness you left behind. I chew on the words and taste of tears. Whennothing ever changes, it dies.  Are we unable to change? or simply unwilling to admit defeat.  The questions fly at my head like bullets, I grow weary of dodging them. I think of you, eyesstungwith tears, groping for words.  Are you begging for forgiveness or making demands. How well do I know you? Will the two of us fade in defeat? Buckle down to responsibility and do the right thing.  Is that what life is all about? No, I don't believe it. Look aound you and tell me you beleive it's right to ignore what you want.  

I have no courage, I have no roar.  But you do, you still have time to taste the world.

Posted: January 23, 2006 

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