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She is gone today

You were there- Dedicated to: Lillian Keenan

Happy for Eileen

Seventh Period English

Lindsay Anne Scheuering


Never alone-Dedicated to Brian Hammond


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Lindsay Anne Scheuering

You were only seventeen
When the world whisked you away
Taking you from the very place
You were loved and cared about
In an instant wiped away from our lifes
In a moment, lost to the road of rage
But you will never die here at Black River
We will remember you every time we see the color pink
And every time we see shades pulling back long graceful hair
We will remember you in our classes and our halls
But mostly you will live for ever in our hearts
never forgotten and not a soul not touched
by the passing of a young girl
Who in some way impacted us all
Whether with her contagious smile
or her way of brightening a room
We will rememer our dear friend
And fellow classmate
Lindsay Anne Scheuering

Posted: January 31, 2006 

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